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Small Group Resources

Resources for Small Groups

Retreat Followup Conference Call Meetup (Tele-Group)

A small group "breakout" via conference call will be available about two weeks after a retreat. John R. Williams will facilitate a discussion of what we learned, answer any questions, and explore further how to apply  "Don't Change Your Mate--Change the Way You Relate" and other ideas introduced at the retreat to our lives. These sessions are free of charge and conducted weekly two or three times. 

To join in, please contact us and we'll get right back to you with the conference call information. 

The marriage Course

The Marriage Course (TMC) is an 8 dinner-date program created by Nicky & Sila Lee, pastors in London, that has been enjoyed by Blessed Couples throughout the United States and Europe. Couples can relax over a pleasant meal as the funny and insightful DVD presentations take them through readily discussing different themes that play important roles in marriage.

There are no group discussions; you only get to know your spouse better. It can be run in a home setting or on a community level. It is broad enough that couples from all backgrounds can take part, and spouse workbooks are available in 44 languages! Participating with other couples is also a great way to make new friends or deepen friendships. A fee is charged to cover costs, and you would be hard pressed to find a more memorable and inexpensive date with dinner, dessert and valuable conversation! Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Contact Nancy Jubb

What it is like to attend The Marriage Course:


For more information about starting or joining a TMC in your area, contact Nancy.

Small Steps Small Group

For those who would like to interact with other couples, sharing not only with your spouse but also hearing from other couples' experiences and comparing notes, there is the more interactive Small Steps Small Group, based on the book, Small Steps to Bigger Love, by Debby Gullery.  Watch a video and read more about it here: Debby's Small Group and book.

Printed & DVD Materials

Suggested Small Group Toolkit, based on Why Talking Is Not Enough, by Susan Page

The Marriage Course Boxed Set: How to Build a Healthy Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime, by Nicky and Sila Lee

Small Steps to Bigger Love: Practical Guidelines to Relationships as a Spiritual Practice, by Debby Gullery

Webpages on leading small groups

How to Run The Marriage Course

Videos on Leading Small Groups in general

General Group Leading Skills (for a scripture based group)

Getting Everyone to Show Up Regularly on Time

Dealing with Different Kinds of Difficult Group Member Behaviors 

Dealing with a Small Group Member Who Talks Too Much


Replenishing Group Membership