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How It All Began

How BMP began

In 2012, David & Mitsue Wolfenberger, Jim Edgerly, and Kenny & Mika Wolfenberger, representing 1st and 2nd Generation Unificationists, discussed how they might best serve the world and support their church community with the elder Wolfenbergers' offering of tens of thousands of dollars. Mika suggested a marriage enrichment initiative for Blessed couples--and the Blessed Marriage Project was born.

This Advisory Board asked John Williams to lead the project in Spring, 2013, and he asked Josie Hauer to assist him, and they all reached out to young Blessed couples to join the team. Christoph and Lena Yasutake, Crescentia and Leighton DeGoede, Richard and Mari Curry and Kenny Wolfenberger met together with John and Josie for the first time in November of that year for planning, bonding and training (watch our epic Jenga finale video). The first fruits of that weekend came in May 2014, with the premiere Energize! Couples Retreat in Connecticut

Since then, Kate Pugnoli and Michael Giampaoli have joined the administrative team, and there have been several more Energize! retreats nationwide. In 2015, the Project began experimenting with new retreat formats, and expanding its menu of educational resources, most notably, PureMind.Online, to help combat the threat that pornography represents to Blessed couples.