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ETL Excerpts

Educating for True Love Excerpts

Educating for True Love: Explaining Sun Myung Moon's Thought on Morality, Family and Society is a volume describing Unificationism and how to practice it in daily life. Referencing the world religions and scientific research, it is intended to be helpful to both educated readers who are curious about but unfamiliar with Rev. Moon's teaching, and those who have students of True Parents for many years. John Williams is a co-author with June Saunders, and Josie Hauer helped with research and consulted on many issues. It was published in 2006 by the International Educational Foundation, under the leadership of Joon Ho Seuk.

The following chapters were selected for their immediate relevance to Blessed couples. (The complete book is available here.) They require a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat (you can download it free here).

true love

Understanding True Love

Gifts for growing in true love

Cultivating the Heart

Strengthening the Conscience

Harvest of Love in Eternity

Principles for Loving relationships

Seven Principles of True Love

Mind & Body Unity

Giving & Receiving

Subject & Object Partnership

Masculine & Feminine Harmony

Unity around a Higher Purpose

The Family as the School of Love

The Blessing of Marriage

Love and Sexuality

The Meaning of Sexuality