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Energize! Small Groups

Couples Enrichment with other Couples

Especially after the Energize! Retreat, many couples and individual spouses want to experiment with new attitudes and practices in their relationships, and want to find other spouses to join them in pursuit of this goal.

Couples today are more isolated than ever. We seldom have the advantage of wise elders living nearby who can provide perspective on the natural challenges we face in the ever-changing journey of marriage and parenthood. This is especially true of Blessed couples wanting to live in unselfish love and practice their faith and values.

Often we lack close friends with whom we can compare notes and find constructive support. Yet God did not make us to flourish relying only on our own resources; we all need to receive help from others and to give help along the way.

Small Groups are Fun

A small group for spouses can be a most inspiring, effective--and fun!--way to achieve long term improvements in our marriages. Just as the best programs for physical fitness involve having an exercise buddy or personal trainer or joining a class, so pursuing greater "marriage fitness" benefits from having friends join us in the effort.

A small group can be a simple as a few spouses gathering every month over coffee to share reflections on a topic before socializing, or as formal as a weekly couples meeting to follow a book- or video-based program, with homework.

Regardless of what format we choose, it is invaluable for us to have other spouses to talk to, who are as committed to our marriage ideals as we are. And if we are considering how we can "Do Something Different," as the retreat speaks of, we all need to brainstorm with others to think of creative options with which to experiment.

The Blessed Marriage Project wants to support you and your small group. Check out our resources. And contact us with any questions or concerns.

Small Group Host Resources