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Couples Coaching

Debby Gullery has over 25 years of experience working with Blessed couples of all ages and in every variety of situation. She is particularly skilled in the "Don't Change Your Mate--Change the Way You Relate" approach introduced at the Energize! Couples Retreat. During her time serving the Blessed Family Ministry, she helped create the Blessing preparation curriculum, mate selection guidance handbook and other innovative programming. She is an accomplished counselor, marriage enrichment seminar presenter and relationship educator. She has her own practice specializing in working with couples. She can be reached at

Debby has recently completed her new book, Small Steps to Bigger Love: A Practical Guide to Marriage as a Spiritual Practice (2015). She has included spiritual practices with each chapter and a complete small group study guide. She edited Finding the One: A Guide to Matching and Blessing in the Unificationist Tradition (2015) and Wisdom, Insight and Counsel: 365 Daily Meditations (1998). She and her husband Jonathan have three adult children and live in Ossining, New York.

BFM webinar: "Power of One: Strategies for Change"

She asks $50.00 per hour for coaching individuals, and $75.00 for a couple.


After a retreat, Debby Gullery will offer a set of small group coaching sessions by telephone for $25.00 per person, per sessionContact her for more information.