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Meet the Board

David & Mitsue Wolfenberger

David & Mitsue Wolfenberger run a successful crab business on the Washington coast and have seven children. They are passionate about helping couples be successful in their marriages and supporting youth education.




Marjorie Buessing

Marjorie Buessing is a national Matching Advisor trainer and co-author of The Family Matching Handbook. She and her husband, Richard, have served as District Pastors for the New England area. They have three children.

George KazakOs

George Kazakos is the pastor of Southern California, and is a strong advocate for Blessed couples to value and enrich their relationship. He and his wife, Christina, have four children.




Miilhan Stephens

Miilhan Stephens is a Vice President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA. A former Maryland pastor and Sunday School teacher, he and his wife Sayaka have a young child.