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Meet the Donors

Meet the Donors

David and Mitsue Wolfenberger have long been committed to applying True Parents' words to their married life, and marriage education and research. They received the Marriage Blessing 1982, and have seven children: Kevin, Kenny, Erika, Brian, Michael, Benji, and Naomi. David and Mitsue reside in Westport, Washington, where they own a crab business. They enjoy working out, walking, and spending time together in nature. They also love supporting Unification Church youth camps, as well as hosting their own community events.

Get to know them through their Blessed Family Ministry webinars:

“Spice Up Your Marriage,” with David & Mitsue

"Fresh Start: Practical & Spiritual Guidance for a Healthy Sexual Lifestyle,” with David & Mitsue

"Marriage: God's Dwelling Place," with Mitsue (in Japanese)

If you would like to talk with them and possibly join them in becoming a sponsor of the Blessed Marriage Project, contact us