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About BMP

About the Blessed Marriage Project

The Blessed Marriage Project (BMP) is an independently funded, grassroots initiative by Blessed couples for Blessed couples. Its programs welcome Blessed couples and married Blessed family members of every age and at every stage of marriage, and from every part of our Unificationist families community.

The mission of BMP is:

  • To connect Blessed couples to God and True Parent's vision of the true husband and wife relationship,
  • To  challenge couples to evaluate the health and status of their own marriage,
  • To empower spouses to invest in the further development of their love relationship, and
  • To educate and support singles and couples to live lives of absolute sexual integrity and to bring their marriages closer to God's ideal.

The initiative was conceived by two families in 2013, and formally launched the following year, with the donor couple generously giving $100,000 to cover annual expenses. Now their contribution has been over $200,000 annually, to include the related PureMind.Online initiative. (Read more history.)

The BMP is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization (meet the Board of Directors). The programming is led by professional Unificationist marriage educators.

In 2015, the Project began experimenting with new retreat formats, and expanding its menu of educational resources, most notably, PureMind.Online, to help combat the threat that pornography represents to Blessed couples. 

Currently, the primary offering of the BMP is its Energize! Couples Retreats, which are designed for Blessed spouses to experience God’s love through a refreshing opportunity to learn useful information and tools, bond and enjoy each other as spouses, and to connect with other Blessed couples.  To anchor the benefits in couples' lives, the Retreat launches an opportunity for a local Small Group experience, and ongoing educational and supportive events and resources.

The purpose of the BMP also includes training young Unificationists to learn to carry out such programming in the future. In addition, the Project provides for training volunteers to facilitate Small Groups and Seminars among past participants and other married couples in their local church communities. The team is looking for other young people with a passion to support couples to join our staff, as well as older members to partners with us and contribute their skills.

The Project is offering Energize! Couples Retreats in 2017 depending upon what hosting communities contribute in terms of funding and local staff, and how their open dates coincide with the availability of BMP staff.  We encourage interested communities and potential donors to contact our staff.