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2015 Ohio


JUNE 19 - 21 2015

Buggies drawn by horses were a common sight along the route to the Inn at Honey Run, the stylish, woodsy venue of the Ohio Energize! Retreat, in the heart of Amish farming country. Nineteen couples gathered from the closeknit local community for a warm, enlightening, and joyful experience. 





“What did you enjoy most about the retreat?” was the inquiry that yielded the following comments:

I enjoyed the time together with my wife and no kids! I also really enjoyed the “Bodily Approaches to Letting Go of Anger” because my wife gained so much from it. Now I feel we can connect on a deeper level.
The opening (the retreat) created for my husband and I to look at issues we’ve had for years, in a new way. We will grow and change from this for years.
I enjoyed the area and overall feeling and surroundings. It felt safe and great and full of love and acceptance. The time spent with my husband with no other responsibilities was valuable.
Fellowship with other couples and knowing that the people hosting the event were qualified and experienced individuals that have had plenty of opportunities to not just “talk the talk” but “walk the walk”. Personal experiences shared honestly were very nice to hear.
I loved how the content was incorporated with True Parents’ and God’s words affiliated with our church. Lena and Christoph did such an excellent job of creating a happy and entertaining environment when addressing touch, and other sensitive topics. Such a great start to my summer! Thank you.
I really enjoyed the talks about sex, health and happiness. At this point in our relationship we are still new and inexperienced, but these talks helped open our minds to be more adventurous and think outside the box when it comes to bedroom fun.



The fact that no topic was off limits. I enjoyed how free the older and younger couples were to openly share and that HDH was optional.
The wonderful togetherness of young and old families. Amazing, funny and informative presenters.
The age-specific group talks about sex, health and happiness. The exercises throughout the talks made them very interactive and interesting. I appreciated the chance to talk with my spouse about the material.