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2014 Florida

Captiva Island, Florida

November 7th - 9th, 2014

The second Energize! Couples Retreat was held at the stunningly beautiful Captiva South Seas Island Resort near Fort Meyer, Florida. Twenty-eight married couples attended, representing a broad range of ages, durations of marriage and ethnicities. The beautiful 70 degree breezes, sunshine and blue skies proved to be quite the romantic paradise, and couples enjoyed walks along the beach, snorkeling, and volleyball games.


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Here’s what some of the participants had to say in response to the question, “What did you enjoy most about the retreat?”

Taking the time to reflect on ways to improve our relationship is more valuable than anything in life. Having a happy wife for a lifetime is more important than working to pay off a 30 year mortgage.

John Williams’ presentations and the entire staff were exceptional. I really appreciate the effort and heart that obviously went into the preparation and delivery of this wonderful retreat.

To have a high quality, comfortable environment to focus on being a couple is incredibly valuable.
I enjoyed time alone with my wife without the kids.

I realized I have been so focused on our problems and I can choose instead to live in solutions – to enjoy loving him and having fun with my greatest friend.

The girl talk with Lena about real and important topics between husband and wife in an early stage was so helpful.
I loved the gift bags for couples, and other thoughtful details.

I really appreciate the incredible insight of John Williams and his ability to reach so many different ages and situations in one presentation.

Just being able to be in situation where every day issues in marriages are talked about is refreshing. At home we have only vague ideas about what we need to change but I could see things more clearly in this environment.
The environment was very conducive to allow healing and open sharing. The spiritual tone and atmosphere was accepting and very supportive.

This retreat encompassed fellowship with purpose and depth; a great way to extend our connections as a community.

A Memorable Weekend

The three day weekend escape on the west coast of Florida near Fort Myers proved to be an idyllic environment to reconnect with new and old friends, reignite our bonds as couples and look into our spouse’s eyes with a refreshed heart.

Through a series of interactive presentations, exercises, couple time, and break-out sessions, participants gained tools and tips to relate in a fresh way, improve communication, reflect on marriage as a spiritual path and enhance their emotional attunement to one another.

On Saturday, educational sessions included “Key to a Strong Marriage,” and “Improve Your Relationship without Talking about It,” featuring different exercises for spouses to learn about themselves and each other. After lunch, couples took advantage of biking, swimming, volleyball, walking along the beach, sea kayaking and relaxing in their well furnished suites.

Lovemaking was the focus of Saturday afternoon, with informational talks on "Sex, Health and Happiness," fun activities and discussion groups. Following a festive dinner, couples dressed up for a Date Night, enjoyed  fancy desserts, danced to lively music, posed for funny portraits, and made new friends.

Sunday opened with morning inspiration, followed by optional breakouts on a variety of topics: “Fun & Friendship,” “Romance in Real Life,” “The Art of Kissing,” “Bodily Approaches to Anger Release,” “Relationship Bank: Love Currencies that Work,” and “Improving Your Relationship By Yourself.”

The retreat wrapped up with letter writing, raffles, reflections and our group photo. Please join us at one of our events and reserve your spot soon!